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Microsoft Tours
and Events

1999 - present

CAVCOMM has been staging events and tours for Microsoft since 1995.

We started working with the company staging events and product launches in the Chicago metro area.

But by the end of 1998, Microsoft event planners were expressing frustration with the need to contract with a separate staging group for each major city.

The following year we staged our first national tour for Microsoft, and since that time we have been their primary supplier for equipment, technicians and logistics for North American tours and roadshows.

Over the years these events have included major product launches for Windows and Office, security events, Microsoft’s Information Technology Leadership Summits, and tours promoting their unified communications initiative. In 2007, we helped Microsoft with their Vista and Office 2007 Tour and in 2008 with their LKO Launch of server software products. We have staged events for audiences of up to 3,500 people, but our specialty is multi-city presentations with audiences ranging from 50 to one or two thousand.

A few years ago one of our clients at Microsoft mentioned how expensive it was to ship brochures and other printed materials to each presentation site – and how frustrating it could be when shipping problems occurred. We responded by working out a plan where Microsoft could ship materials to CAVCOMM’s warehouse, so that we took the responsibility to get them to each event on time. In practice, this all but eliminated the shipping hassles and saved our client a great deal of money.

Today we operate four warehouse and staging centers across the country and routinely deliver printed materials, demonstration software and signage to presentation sites for Microsoft and our other roadshow customers.

Pictured (from top): 1) Microsoft’s Information Technology Leadership Summit in Dallas, 2006; 2) the Milwaukee stop on Microsoft’s Windows 2003 tour; 3) Customer Relationship Management event in San Francisco 2005; Microsoft ITLS event in Dallas, 2006; 4) Vista launch in New Orleans 2007; 5) ITLS event in Los Angeles.