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For on-site service

What does it mean to have a CAVCOMM service agreement on your AV system?

Holy Name Cathedral was in the news in February, 2008, when a piece of the coffered wood ceiling fell and damaged a pew. The Archdiocese closed the sanctuary for only one service, but, to protect the congregation, they had its entire expanse covered with scaffolding while the ceiling was inspected and repaired. Among other things, that lowered the effective ceiling height from 70’ to 25,’ wrecking havoc on the performance of the sound system.

We had installed a steerable line array at Holy Name, and so we were able to send two technicians to the site to reprogram the system for the room’s new parameters. Although there was no equipment failure and no problem with CAVCOMM’s installation, the work was covered within the terms of our agreement.

You may already know that the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange both own elaborate systems to capture and record each and every trade on video. What you probably don’t know is that CAVCOMM has covered these systems with service agreements for more than 14 years.

The purpose of each system is simple. Traders use hand signals to communicate, and when a transaction is complete, they independently write down the result on trading cards. Sometimes the cards do not agree, creating an out-trade situation. They can then go to a viewing room, review the trade from various camera angles, and resolve the dispute.

This is a mission-critical system operated in an environment made especially difficult by the volume of paper dust put into the air by the traders. Our service agreement mandates monthly preventative maintenance calls with cleaning of the system components and a two-hour response time should a failure occur.

In the 14 years we have held the contract, we have never missed one of these deadlines.

Since every CAVCOMM AV system is a clean-sheet design, our service agreements are one-of-a-kind as well. We will work with you to build a contract that’s ideally suited to your needs and your budget.