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Queen of All
Saints Basilica

Chicago, Illinois

Though it was consecrated in 1960, the designers of Queen of All Saints drew their inspiration from the churches and basilicas of Renaissance Europe.

As beautiful as it is, however, the church was plagued by poor sound quality until CAVCOMM designed and installed a new sound system in 2006.

Our engineers built an acoustical model of the sanctuary, then used it to carefully place two Duran Intellivox steerable line arrays instead of conventional loudspeakers.

The physics of the sound waves coming from these devices allow CAVCOMM to direct almost all of the sound pressure at congregation members, rather than at the church’s highly reflective walls and ceiling. For the first time, members are able to hear their pastor’s voice clearly, without echo or reverb.

CAVCOMM also installed a Peavey Media Matrix digital signal processor and Architectural Acoustics sound processor to ensure the highest quality speech and music. The system includes multiple CD players for prerecorded music playback as well as cassette recording and duplication capability. Two wireless microphones are available to priests and lay people in addition to installed podium mics.

An additional benefit of the Duran line arrays is their small size and ability to blend in with the classical style of the church. Each array is only 5.3” wide and painted to match the sanctuary walls. Despite their 14’ height, they are very difficult to spot in the sanctuary unless you know what you’re looking for.

Can you find the Duran line arrays in the images above? (Look to the left of the pulpet and banner in the third photo and above and to the right of the lectern in the 4th photo.)